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Discover the world's most sustainable tree free wood


We’re Changing Wood For The Good! We're Growing Wood in days not years!

15 billion trees are cut down every year with only 5 billion being re-planted. Fast growing non native monocultures are usually the trees which replace deforested land, destroying the water tables and biodiversity of the local areas. We urgently need a solution to the rapidly growing demand for our precious forests. The only chance we have at saving ourselves and the planet are if we protect and restore what's left of our precious forests and natural world.


The Technology

"Any significantly 

advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clark


We have brought wood farming down to the Cellular level, we have done this by isolating a yeast species (think of beer) and have trained it to produce your favourite timber products. this product is chemically similar to wood, consisting of woods main building blocks Cellulose. Our product requires minimal inputs and land, in fact we grow it vertically. The wood is made in 10 to 16 days, uses minimal water and stores carbon.

Modern Beer Brewery
Wood Piles

Wood's good

Wood is one of the worlds most abundant and used natural resource. We use it for everything from housing to heating. Because it is such a valuable product however, we consume it on a scale that the earth cannot sustain. The Earth has lost over a third of its forests and demand is only increasing, our technology aims to protect what remains and to supply our growing demand for future forest products.

Environmental Impact 

Wood can now be grown anywhere in the world! Tree free wood can be made locally, leaving the trees where they belong, changing our culture from an abstraction based economy to a creation based; renewable and regenerative. Like wood, our timber is biodegradable and stores carbon.

Tree Planting
Wooden Pieces

Support us

Work in progress 

We're currently still at the prototype stage, hoping to launch the world's first cultured timber soon!

Then we hope to scale!

Until then then you can support us by purchasing from our online shop! with the revenue helping us purchase equipment needed to help scale and give our start-up the momentum to have a positive impact, plus the clothes are designed for people who care about the planet and there looks.

Large Tree
Trees in Winter



1st product launch

Coffee coaster

CORE TEAM members


1st product 

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